Who we are

We are a group of volunteers that have come together to help improve the quality of life for our community. Our main goal is to educate individuals and families on healthy living and sustainability as well to improve quality of life and reduce our footprint.

What we do

We serve as a resource to provide education, tools, and the access needed to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for both children and adults.

Save the environment

I'm not an environmentalist.  I'm an Earth warrior.  ~Darryl Cherney, quoted in Smithsonian, April 1990

ReUse Your Trash

Upcyling is giving something a second use. You should upcycle things instead of throwing them away. I have seen a TV turned into a fish tank! How cool is that?

Upcyle That

What is upcyling? Upcycling is a process of repurposing disposable or discarded items. Upcycling is designed to work in opposition to consumer culture, encouraging people to think of new and innovative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods. It also benefits the environment, by promoting reuse over discarding whenever possible.

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What's New?

Whole Health T-Shirts! Spring and Summer, 2014

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NewsletterSpring Edition, 2014

Check out our upcoming Spring Events and how you can get involved.

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About Us

The Whole Health Wellness Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the community by encouraging others and restoring lives. Our services are aimed towards...

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